They WANT to learn - let´s give them this chance!

They meet on the beach, they are at home or on the street while others go to school. They envy their friends who come home at noon in school uniform. They want to learn, but there is lack of money in certain families. 8 Euros are missing!
8 euros for a whole year to ensure school attendance and to give these children the good feeling being part of their society. They just want one thing - to get the same opportunity, to learn how to read, to write, to count, so they can feel just as precious as their friends.

NO child should have to stay home because of 8 euros!

We help families, especially unserved mothers who can not afford this expenditure. Our contribution is the registration fee at school 2,000 CFA and the uniform 3000 CFA, so 5000 CFA = 8  per child and therefore a great help.

Registration for school starts in JULY 2012!

Until end of June we collect all donations on our Austrian account.
Please support this, even if it's just 1 Euro!

EVERY SINGLE EURO helps us to achieve the goal of the little ones to secure their first year in school!

We are very glad and proud to have some ACTIVE supporters with us.
We would be very pleased if we could also count on you. You are welcome as a PROJECT SUPPORTER!
If you want to help in the long term then we are delighted t give you a PUPIL SPONSORSHIP.

Account for donations:

Bank:                       Deniz Bank
ACCOUNT NUMBER:  04243921550
Subject:                   SCHOOL DONATIONS POT
Bank Code:              19650

Thank you for your help!


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