My name is NAPOLEON. I´m the guard here. I was born right here in this house.

You can count on me! I'm big, strong and - above all - intelligent! I understand Wolof, French and German.

  • I love guests, then I always get Senegalese and French special food
  • I love car rides, long walks and swimming in the sea
  • I like jogging with Assane. He does not like that at all!
  • I like chicken, especially raw and trapped myself.  Forbidden!
  • I love to hunt Geckos in the garden. Forbidden!




I was told to guard IN FRONT OF the house, indoor is forbidden, that’s Assane´s area. Only!?! You can see where I am sitting ;-)


my statement:
God save my brother PRINCE! A real nice guy! We often watch the house together, but sometimes we prefer to disappear! We also need days off. There are soooo many cute girls around!


And that´s my family!

Mia has helped my mom in the past with her births - and kept me! She really loves me. But she can get very upset when I jump out of her moving car or when I fight with competitors.

She organizes and manages the house with her very creative Senegalese French. That’s really so funny! One can still break out into roaring laughter!

She organizes all adventure tours together with Assane. She wants to show our guests  the true face of western Africa.







  • she loves the sea and the Teranga of Senegal
  • she cares about the education of the youngest
  • she is committed to alternative energies (including medical;-)
  • she admires the sportiness of the Senegalese man's world
  • she loves garbage separation and is pleased about cows at the door
  • Project: Support for children starting school, fund raising.

her statements:

Treat everyone like you want to be treated yourself

Make all your dreams come true!

If you want to settle down somewhere then better learn the language!


"General" Assane is extremely annoyed when I hunt Geckos in the garden. Also if I want to help him digging the ground.

But he is responsible for the safety of the property. He also takes care of our little jungle paradise to stay top. and - he cares for our guests to feel comfortable. And by the way he checks everything for Mia if there is a language barrier  ,-)))

  • He loves his work, our bike, "his" sports broadcaster and his daily workout
  • His eyes light up at Masonry
  • He pursues goals always with kindness, patience and composure
  • Mia says, he cooks the best Atai of Ngaparou
  • He represents my mum when she's not here!



his statements:

One who doesn´t risk anything cannot win anything!

step by step -  slowly but surely!


My Djena is always annoyed when I refuse rice with sauce but WITHOUT FISH!

But she is simply irreplaceable! Her work is the entire household!

With foresight, prudence and serenity she ensures spotless cleanliness between breakfast and dinner, always thinking of me and my food and in between she even checks all necessary purchases.

  • she loves her 3 children, her job and her life in Senegal
  • She is very happy about "her" guests (-and our washing machine)
  • her eyes shine when her cooking is praised, and she is often praised!
  • she plants garlic, onion, tomatoes and peppers and looks forward to our mini-bio-crops


Her statements:

my children get the best education, that´s what I´m working for!

and each day to me:  "you have to learn to share with Prince!" ...pah!


So I would really like to get to know you! Here it´s great, believe me! See you!


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