NGAPAROU - a peaceful fishervillage

fishermens return with nightly catch
fishermens return with nightly catch

The peaceful, unspoilt fishervillage Ngaparou next Somone is located between Saly (nightlife 6km) and the fantastic lagoon of Somone (4km).

You can enjoy cheap Senegalese, French and Lebanese restaurants.


Make your own experiences with these friendly helpful people and their typical daily life in this country of TERANGA.


Your next neighbourhood in this calm European area are mostly French, Suisse, a few English people and rarely Germans.


Distance to the endless long and free sand-beach: 500m

Distance to the next typical local restaurant: 500m

Distance to next shop “boutique”: 300m

Distance to the next european restaurant: 250m

one of our kind market ladies
one of our kind market ladies

Directly in Ngaparou you can find everything for your daily need:

Pharmacy, doctor, postoffice, EMS, supermarkets, cars for hire, mechanics, copyshop, local restaurants, pizzerias, French restaurants, all trades, fishmarket, local vegetable market, “boutiques” for the daily shopping, bakery, coffeeshop, butcher, “Mme. Poulet” for excellent fresh chickens…


Taxis are shortly available, also cars for hire, cars to buy.

Ngaparou sourrounding




6 km next Ngaparou offers you the touristic heart of the Pétite Côte, here you can find everything including discos, banks, a european supermarket with lots of import products, art-shops, really everything!

the amazing lagoon of Somone
the amazing lagoon of Somone



next Ngparaou offers you the amazing lagoon and typical "Rasta-restaurants" on the other side of the beach. Going by boat through the mangroves you will enjoy the abudance of nature life

fishmarket of Mbour
fishmarket of Mbour



12 km from Ngaparou gives  a authentic taste of Senegal and Africa. Bursting at the seams, many of the outlying cartiers are miles from a paved road, and half built houses can be seen everywhere, especially if you venture into the outlaying areas.




A visit to the market, or the fishing port will give one a sense of what the cities' main economic activites are.

Nature Reserve BANDIA

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